Portable Vintage Hammond Organs

Portable Vintage Hammond Organs are favorite by musicians that have to move their organ and Leslie regularly. In practice it is not easy to manouvre an A100 or B3 through small doors and edgy small corridors and stairways.

A very nice solution for those Musicians is a portable version of the A100, C3, B3 or RT3 like the ones below. MusiFix produces 2 versions, both with nearly any option you can think of : Stringbass (foot), Manual bass (Carribean Controls), inserts for PC, Wah-Wah or other effect modules, reverb (trekii), any number of Leslie connections with 1 or individual speed (slow-stop-fast) control, Leslie foot switch, Line-out, seperate Stringbass output, Equalizer (Hamptone) and original Swell function.

As for professional performance, only high quality connections are used like Speakon, Powercon, XLR etc.

If the organ is an orginal USA version, the Amplifier and Generator will be perfectly converted to 230V/50Hz without using extra transformers (that always produce an extra amount of unwanted humm).

A restoration of the inners is part of the job otherwise no (1 year) guaranty can be given on it!

Hammond A100/C3/B3/RT3 Slim-Line Flightcased

With this version the Tonewheel generator and basspedal contacts are located in a flightcase on the floor. This flightcase weighs about 45 Kilos.
In between is a stand (Quicklock WS550) and on top the second flightcase containing the manuals and tube- or Trekii amplifier weiging only 65 Kilos! So as you see it is really a portable system!!

Hammond A100/C3/B3/RT3 Flightcased