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Bert van den Brink speelt Cor Steyn
Hammond XK-5 System

The XK-5 System is our modular organ-system with the appearance of a classic B-series Hammond. It all begins with the beautiful Hammond XK-5. Add the XLK-5 Lower Manual, the wooden “B-3 look” Stand STXLK-5W, the Music-Rest MR-5W, the B-3 style bench BCH-250.

The 25-note XPK-250W Pedalboard includes a special XK-5 compatible expression pedal. It’s the absolute top pedal for the experienced organ player. The Hammond® XK-5 System does for appearance what the innards of the XK-5 do for sound. A description isn’t really necessary. Demand nothing less than perfection from your Tone-Wheel Organ Sound, feel the Touch and Responsiveness and you will know that you are not playing a clone.