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MusiFix Hammonds op North Sea Jazz
New MusiFix Leslie Kit (MLK-U) now available!!

Do you want to connect your vintage Leslie to your Hammond XK3/5, NewB3, Sk1/2, SKx or XM1/2 ??

Here is the solution: the new MusiFix Leslie Kit!

The new Leslie kit has either an 11-pin connector (NewB3, XK3/5, SKx) or 8-pin connector (SK1/2, XM1,2) to connect to your Organ or Keyboard.
On the other side is a 6-pin, 9- pin or 11-pin connector to connect to all 6-pin Leslie types (122/142, 122/142-3-speed (Trekii electronic relay), Leslie 145/147, Leslie 251), 9-pin Leslie types (760, 910 etc), 11-pin Leslie types (3300, 2101, 122XB etc) and 8-pin Speakon (MusiFix standard). Select the Kit you need and enjoy the sound you've always wanted!

The Leslie will switch on or off whenever you switch on or off your Organ or Keyboard, just as it should. 

The Leslie kit can be used with 230V Leslies and 117V Leslies. Just connect it to the right mains voltage thats written on your Leslie. The electronics inside can handle both the 230Vac and 115Vac.

The Leslie kit  is supplied with an Effect-Insert to connect your favorite Effect-Pedal between your Organ/Keyboard an Leslie. Now you can create the sound you always wanted.

The amplifier has a high gain so you can drive your Leslie to the limit!!