Musifix Hammond Rentals

MusiFix has been renting Hammond organs and Leslies since 2007. The Equipment has been extended since and now exists of many instruments from our very nice Vintage Hammond B3 to the latest models like the Hammond New B3 portable, XK3c, SK1-73, SK1-88, SK2 en several Leslies like Leslie 147, Leslie 122, Leslie 3300W, Leslie 122XB, Leslie 2101MKII.

Many artists have played our very nice restored Hammond B3 with Leslie 147 and Leslie 122. They are all impressed by the sound and touch of the Keyboards. The inside of the Lid contains the names of these artists like Rhoda Scott, Larry Goldings, Joey DeFrancesco, Dr Lonny Smith, Pat Bianci,  Tony Monaco, Thijs van Leer, Barbara Dennerlein etc.

The Vintage Hammond B3 has build in Trekii Reverb, Trekii Stringbass, Midi on base-pedals and 3 speed Leslie control through repositionable Half-moon switch, optional Footswitch on the Swell-pedal or a separate Floor-foot-switch for those playing without the base-pedals. Connections to the Leslies are made by 8-pin Speakon cables allowing easy and safe connection! The Leslies have Build-in microphones with XLR-connections on the back of the Leslies. The Hammond B3 has a build-in Frequency converter assuring stable tuning in all situations.


All instruments are Flight-Cased and contain all necessary add-ons like cables, footswitches, pedals etc. Equipment can be delivered to the concerts and can also be picked-up from our store.
Please contact us for availability and prices.